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Project Description
ContentMigrator is a Windows Forms application with powerful features for tagging and uploading multiple documents to SharePoint libraries. Written in C#, the application utilizes the SharePoint Object Model and is intended to run on a server in a SharePoint farm. You simply select a site collection, document library and content type, select your files and apply metadata tags.

In File System Mode, you can specify individual files and entire folders on the local machine or a mapped network drive. But you are not limited to dumping all yourfiles into the same folder; if you so choose, CM will automatically recreate the file system folder structure in the destination library!

In Metabase Mode, you can use the simple built-in editor to create an XML database file representing the files to be uploaded. In the metabase XML file, you specify the file location and up to 29 additional metadata values. You can then map any of your metadata fields to site columns in the target content type. One of the most powerful features in Metabase Mode is the ability to use a metabase field to specify a folder tree structure to be created in the document library, on a per-file basis! This allows you to define a "blueprint" for your content structure and then apply it with one click. If you don't want to create a new metabase file from scratch, you can have CM convert an existing Access database to XML, or initialize a new database with files/folders you select from the file system.

CM is flexible! In addition to local file paths, you can specify FTP and HTTP/S URL's. In addition, you are not required to map metabase fields to target site columns. You can enter free text, and for choice type columns, CM retrieves the column option values for you to choose from.

Finally, CM will create a log file containing any errors that occurred during the import, so you will know which files did not get imported and what happened.

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